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Good day!   I've been using the foot pads almost every night since I received them; my oh my, they certainly end up nasty brown!  I was curious, however, if there would come a point when they wouldn't turn out so "dirty". I suppose, in essence, I am asking if I could ever be toxin-free? I will also be happy to report that after using them and with the 10 day detox program I certainly feel much better and have noticed that not only has my breathing improved but I seem to be more at ease and relaxed! I recently was told that I seem, " to have a sparkle in my eye and a new spring in my step"!


  To whom it may concern,   I have used your Detox Foot Pads for 10 days now. I cant beleive what was on them in the mornings. The smell almost made my husband sick I ordered the 30 Day Total Body Detox Kit today. I suppose this will help clean out all the stinky stuff too? If the detox kit works as good as the foot pads did, well I will be very happy.

Thanks, I will let you know.

Jerry Kaplin


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