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Spring detox - Good news: essential natural health news

Well, detoxification involves getting rid of things from the body as well as stopping toxins and irritants in the body, those things that our body does not handle well or that cause damage, inflammation, irritation or over-stimulation in the case of caffeine or over-sedation in the case of alcohol. Now, when people think of detox, they think of drug addicts who need to go into a detox center. However, there are many others who could benefit from detox. It is really the more common, everyday people who have habits that I call a SNACC -- which stands for sugar, nicotine, alcohol, caffeine and chemicals. Probably well over 90 percent of people have a habit of at least one of these substances. I think over time our habits are what create our problems, especially what we eat

Dr. Elson Haas

  More and more North Americans are deciding that their annual spring cleaning should include their internal body systems. A host of books tell us that long-term buildup of toxins from food additives and environmental pollutants can result in cancers and other diseases. Here's a brief roundup of detoxification advice gleaned from these sources.

Fresh, raw foods and grains ensure that you get the enzymes necessary to adequately digest your food. Avoid foods that contain additives or lack nutritive value. Shun sugar, salt, saturated fats, meat, caffeine, nicotine and alcohol. Eat yogurt; it helps maintain a proper bacterial balance in the intestinal tract.

Exercising stimulates body systems so that metabolic efficiency is stepped up. This, of course, includes the systems that are integral to cleansing, such as the digestive system.

Using herbs, fiber and supplements can be important to a cleansing program. Fiber sweeps the digestive tract clean and absorbs toxins, escorting them out of the body.

Now there are a host of Detox programs out there. But the one I have most effective is 10 or 30 Day Detox Program, that effectively cleanse the blood system as well as the whole body.


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