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30 Day Detox
When a complete 30-day total body detox program is needed, you’ll find no better all natural product on the market. Just $199.95 for a Complete 30 Day Supply

We use the highest quality all natural, grown in America, herbs, roots, barks and minerals in our detox kits. Our foot pads come from Asia. We can eliminate all toxins, chemicals and pollutants foreign to the human body, even heavy metals (i.e. benzene, isopropyl alcohol, methyl alcohol, aluminum, cadmium, copper, lead, mercury, nickel, thallium, arsenic, asbestos). This Detox program will break down and remove fatty acid cholesterol, plaques that block arteries and vessels as well. Upon completion of the 30-Day Oriental Detox program all toxins will be totally removed from your blood, fat cells and all organs. You’ll feel better and you’ll BE better and well on your way to restored energy, well being and efficient body chemistry.

How will I know I am cleaning out? A sure fire way to know you are cleaning up or becoming less toxic is to understand your brain is the last organ to give up its toxic gunk when detoxing. As you become less and less toxic this will be indicated in your dream state. As you become cleaner, less toxic you will start dreaming where you may not have in the past. This will begin in a black and white dream state. When ones becomes almost toxin free your dreams will have turned to full color. Sound amazing - Its true. This is the most common feedback we get from our Total Body Detox customers.

You`ll receive:
1. 4 Ounces of our Active Liquid Minerals - When blood cells clump up and bind together, they don't function well, it will inhibit the exchange of gases in the pulmonary system. This leads to that sluggish "no get up and go feeling". The Active Liquid Minerals does many different functions but cleansing the blood cells of the "gunk" that builds up and inhibits the blood cells from flowing through the system free and in dependant of each other. Thus increasing "gas exchange" and energy levels up to 30%. In addition to the gas exchange benefits, we have found through numerous studies that Our Active Liquid Minerals will restore you bodies natural PH balance to enhance Immune system responses and increases blood glucose production (which is great for diabetic problems)..

2. 30 Day Supply - Our Herbal Oriental Detox Cleansing capsules are formulated from a 2000-year-old Chinese recipe. That recipe was developed over centuries of Oriental medicine, it removed the build up of smoke (indoor fires) in the lungs of people in that day. Little did the ancient Chinese know, we would still have this problem today. Now, we not only know about toxins and pollutants in the lungs but we need to be aware of the environmental toxins and pollutants that accumulate in fat cells and our all organs, even the brain. Our All Natural Herbal Oriental Detox Cleansing Capsules will break these toxins and pollutants down chemically and help the body remove them naturally.

3. 30 Individually wrapped Herbal Oriental Detox Foot Pads - A Detox Pad or sap sheet, is made from totally natural tree and bamboo extracts as well as naturally occurring gemstones, such as tourmaline. It is the culmination of centuries of knowledge known to the oriental cultures, and has been passed down through the generations. The Foot Pads are known to relieve fatigue, joint pain, headaches, skin rashes and many other health problems.This is achieved by Far Infrared Light and a massive influx of Negative Ions. Apply our Detox Pads (patches) on the bottom of either foot or both feet at once before bed, and experience better sleep and wake feeling refreshed the following morning.

They work by drawing out toxins through the Lymphatic system while the body is prone and at rest. There by helping to eliminate toxins from your body 24 hours a day. You will be absolutely amazed at what can be extracted from the bottom of your foot - through the skin.

4. 30 Day Supply EDTA - EDTA offers a safe, fast and effective pill form of EDTA Chelation program. EDTA Chelation cleanses your cardiovascular system increasing blood flow in the entire body, which can provide your body with many health benefits. Improving your health allows you to add more time to your life and more life to your time. And for all of us, that's what it's about… time. EDTA

Each dose takes two hours to run its course and will then pass the chelated material out of your system through your urine. Being a 100% blend of only EDTA assures you that no additives, preservatives or buffers interfere with the absorption rate and the chelation power of the EDTA.

Heart disease is a huge health problem and Our Herbal based Detox combined with EDTA and Infrared Detox Foot Pads will help eliminate the problems modern medicine wont or cant do.

All Natural
Asian TreeAs seen on TVTV Health Watch

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100% Natural

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